Body Scrub Brisbane

To Keep Your Skin Looking Young and Healthy

Healing Hands Thai Massage and Spa offers a full range of Body Scrub and associated services including Body Masks and Body Wraps. We also offer Facials, Hand Treatments, Foot Treatments and Body Massages.

A Body Scrub is one of the most powerful techniques to rejuvenate your body and to keep your skin looking young and healthy. With a Body Scrub, the body is gently scrubbed or “polished” with scrub salts and other natural ingredients to exfoliate and to detox your skin.

We use only the highest quality organic products for our Body Scrubs at Healing Hands Thai Massage and Spa. The fragrances of our products are exotic and soothing to your senses.

Please visit our Contact Us page to book your appointment right away and be prepared to enjoy the best Body Scrub service available! Consider following your Body Scrub with a Body Mask or Body Wrap.

You might also want to indulge in a Facial, Hand Treatment, Foot Treatment and/or Body Massage.